About US

Our chicken journey started about 4 years ago, with a small portable chicken tractor and five chickens (Three Plymouth Rocks and Two Speckled Sussex).   Now, we currently have a total of 13 adult chickens of various breeds (Plymouth Rocks, Americana's and Silkies), and an additional 8-10 Marans that we cull on a regular basis for egg color and other faults.

Although our Wheaton’s live side by side with our other birds, they have their own coop and run within our “general population” run which is enclosed with cattle fence and hardware cloth on all sides and the top to ensure our birds safety from predators.    The Marans are housed in a nice draft free coop with constant access to the secure run.  And when they free range, they do so in a different part of the property from our other birds.   This ensures that are chicks are 100% Wheaton Marans.