About Marans

    Marans are a French breed of bird originating in Marans, a town on the Atlantic Coast of France, near La Rochelle.  Although a fairly common breed of bird in France, Marans are one of the most rare breeds in the United States due to the import ban on fowl in the US.  Because of this ban, there is a lack of genetic diversity among the Marans, which is a constant challenge to breeders.

    Much of the breeding stock in this country is of the English standard, with smooth, unfeathered legs.  The French standard, however, calls for lightly feathered legs and there are only a few breeders in the United States that have been able to consistently produce stock that meets the French Standard.  At Hilltop Marans we are dedicated to pursing the French standard of Wheaton Marans.

     Although we sell fertile eggs, it is interesting to note that French chefs prize the dark chocolate colored Marans egg as a gourmet egg.   They are also known as the favorite egg of James Bond and Martha Stewart!  In the US, most people do not eat Marans eggs since they are so rare and in theory a three-egg omelet could cost upwards of $30!   However, there are theories that the Marans eggs are higher in protein and lower in cholesterol than other types of eggs although this claim has not been proven.